Ms Josephine FlynnPrincipal
I passionately believe that whatever the question is, the answer is education. Therefore, as educators we must create critical, collaborative and creative problem solvers who, through their faith and action, want to make the world a better place.
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Ms Freda PascoeAssistant Principal
I believe that all students thrive in a supportive and nurturing educational environment that promotes high expectations, a culture of value and respect, and one which encourages and supports students to take responsibility for their own learning.
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Ms Jenny JagoReligious Education Coordinator
I feel privileged to give leadership to the evangelising mission of the Catholic Church and school. I believe that a school should provide students with a positive, calm, safe and nurturing environment, through which they learn to treat each other with respect, understanding, tolerance and dignity.
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Class Teachers
Teacher Miss Michelle Chakry
Teacher Miss Patricia Kalligas
Teacher Mrs Sandra Farrell
Teacher Mrs Maria Caliendo
Teacher Miss Jessica Caltabiano
Teacher Ms Jenny Jago
Teacher Mrs Ola Spiteri
Teacher Miss Jennifer Hogan
Teacher Miss Madeleine Fernon
Teacher/Librarian Mrs Maria Zafirakis
Reading Recovery Mrs Maria Zafirakis
Class Teachers
EAL/D Mrs Freda Pascoe
Intervention Teacher Mrs Cathy Bell
Special Education Teacher Mrs Maria Caliendo
Sport Provider GOT GAME
Music Teacher Miss Kirrily Biskupic
Mandarin Teacher Mrs Sue Cao
Family Educator Mrs Bernadette Sara
Learning Support Officer Mrs Catherine Chase
Learning Support Officer Ms Susan Masters
Secretaries Mrs Sue Formica
Secretaries Mrs Nadia Screnci